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HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting

123.hp.com/ojproX476DW – HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting

HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting Print

The troubleshooting download for your HP Officejet Pro X476DW is conveniently downloadable from our website http://123hpconnected.comtech365.com/ojproX476DW-officejetpro-X476DW-troubleshooting

Listed here are some of the troubleshooting Categories:

The http://123hpconnected.comtech365.com/ojproX476DW-officejetpro-X476DW-troubleshooting/ website proffers the following Print guidelines:

The Print job is stuck in queue

  • Delete the job files
  • Restart the printer
  • Check our website if you wish to carry out the repair manually

The printer is offline:

  • Run Scan Doctor
  • The issue rectifies itself automatically
  • Follow the manual repair process available on our website for reference

When the printer response is slow:

  • Categories under slow printer response are:

Print jobs disappear from the queue and there is no print output :

  • Conduct a print queue check
  • Scan Doctor to be applied
  • Uninstall – HP driver and software
  • HPBXPSRENDER.DLL file has to be renamed
  • The driver and software to be reinstalled

PDF print job canceled in the Edge Browser (Windows 10)

  • Downloading the Reader app is a simple and quick solution for the issue


  • Error prompts :’Oxc19a0005′ and ‘User Intervention Required’ can be managed by:
  • Option 1: Reset the printer
  • Option 2: Service the printer

Poor Quality Printing:

When the quality of printing is poor it usually translates to Vertical lines, bands, garbled characters, part prints, blank page prints, Excel gridlines not getting printed etc. address these successfully with HP Officejet Pro X476DW troubleshooting

  • Removing and replacing the cartridge
  • Using genuine HP ink cartridges from authentic dealers

Rest the printer for some time before reuse

Resolve different Printer Setup (123.hp.com/setup), printer installation and other associated updates with the HP OfficejetPro X476DW troubleshooting.

  • Installation disc does not start:
  • Accomplish a manual setup – Use the 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW troubleshooting guide

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HP Officejet Pro X476DW Printer Troubleshooting

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HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting Scan

The http://123hpconnected.comtech365.com/ojproX476DW-officejetpro-X476DW-troubleshooting/ guide resolves all scanner connection errors successfully:


Execute the following instructions if:

  • The document is not found while scanning and if the scan fails
  • Error classification: if the issue is scan-related, print-related or both
  • For both errors:
  • A Wireless connection will need you to check if the printer is not maintaining a wireless connection
  • In the case of a Wired connection you have to check if the Ethernet port cable and the router are connected to one another

In the case where the Ethernet port cable and the router are connected

  • Restart the Printer, router and other associated devices
  • Turn off the printer
  • The printer power cord is connected directly to the power outlet
  • Close all the programs on your computer and shut it down
  • Turn off the computer system completely
  • Turn on both the printer and computer
  • Attempt a scan:
  • Select Scan a Document or Photo for scanning

Check for :Printer connection status and network connectivity

  • Wireless connections:
  • Ensure that the wireless signal is turned on
  • Wired connections:
  • Make certain that the cable connection to the Ethernet port and green light is on
  • The Scan Doctor and Run Print are applied
  • Select Fix Scanning to resolve the problem
  • The scan function can be tested now

Uninstall and reinstall the printer software

Check settings responsible for communication between computer and scanner – Windows Image Acquisition Settings

HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting Copy

A routine quality problem that can be experienced with the Copy function:

Poor resolution output with vertical and horizontal lines and color bands in the printouts

Guidelines from 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW troubleshooting:

Clean the scanner:

  • An unclean scanner results in the appearance of lines and color bands. It is essential to clean all trace of fingerprints, dust, debris, and smudges from the scanner’s glass. A soft, lint-free cloth can be used to clean the document feed slot and the lid.
  • In the ADF: Dust and paper residue accumulates into the automatic document feed rollers. Ensure that the printer is turned off to clean this.


Copy Settings:

  • Press the Copy button on the printer’s control panel
  • Changing the Copy Settings will ensure Print quality improvement
  • Select Settings and click on Optimization or Quality
  • Choose from an range of modes to maximize quality of output: Reduce/Enlarge, Optimize, Draft Mode etc.

Printer Resetting

  • Remove all items from the glass of the scanner and the ADF
  • Close the scanner’s lid
  • Disconnect the power cord
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds
  • Recalibrate the printer
  • Reconnect the power cord
  • Load the document
  • Perform the copy function once again

Printer servicing

  • If none of the above works, call for printer servicing
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HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting Ink cartridge problem

General problems with ink cartridges: Cartridges missing or incompatible cartridge

Perform compatibility checks of ink cartridges with the printer

  • Black ink cartridges used should coincide with the number prescribed for a particular region
  • Authentic toner and cartridge replacements should be purchased from genuine dealers

Clean the Electrical cartridge contacts

  • It is best to utilize a swab or a lint-free cloth to clean all electrical cartridge contacts including the contacts on the cartridge and the ones located inside the printer
  • Dry out the cartridges for about 10 minutes before inserting them back into their compartments again

Cartridge issues can also be resolved by removing and reinserting the cartridges

Solution 1: Restart the printer

  • Disconnect the power cord
  • Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes while the printer power is still on
  • Connect power and turn the printer on again

Solution 2: Place and Position the cartridges correctly

  • First, Remove and replace the black cartridge
  • Then, remove and replace the tri-color cartridge
  • Close the scanner’s lid and check for error messages
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HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting Printer not found

http://123hpconnected.comtech365.com/ojproX476DW-officejetpro-X476DW-driver-download) network driver downloads and setup can face the following problems in Windows:

Unable to find printer and Printer not found

The 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW printer, computer and router have to be restarted – turn them off and on

  • Detach the power cord from the printer and its associated devices
  • Reconnect and turn on all devices again

Verify the printer’s network connection

  • For a wireless Connection: Turn on Wireless signal on the printer
  • For a wired connection: Look for a steady green light

Manually connecting to the printer network

  • The HP installer will automatically locate the 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW printer
  • The Wireless Setup Wizard will guide you to accomplish the wireless setup
  • The HP driver and software have to be reinstalled once again

Running the Scan Doctor tool

  • Run the free Scan Doctor tool for a diagnosis and resolution scanning and printing problems

Temporarily disable the firewall software on the computer

  • Sometimes, the firewall blocks threats and also any communication between the printer and the computer

Helpful tip: When the setup is incomplete, uninstalling the HP driver and software can help

Unboxing, Setting Up, and Installing the HP Officejet Pro X476DW Printer

HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting Clear Paper Jam

The ‘Paper Jam’ error is displayed especially when the 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW printer stops printing feeding pages

Check for short instructions on the printer’s control panel to remove paper jams.

  • Disconnect the power cord
  • Open the access door of the cartridge
  • Check the cartridge access area to remove the jammed paper
  • Take care not to tear whole sheets of paper
  • Any bits of torn paper jammed in the rear roller has to be removed gently by lifting the paper path cover
  • The duplex path cover is located right beneath the paper path cover – remove all torn and bits of paper from the area
  • Click both the duplex and the paper path covers back into their places
  • The cartridge access door is now closed

Do not bend the input tray – place the 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW printer on a flat surface

All obstructions such as small objects, pens, pencils etc. should be removed

The printer can be turned around lightly to look for any pieces of paper and debris trapped in the input tray

Once the check is complete return the printer back to its normal position

Ensure to remove all display messages on the control panel after connecting the printer power cord

Clearing paper jam in the input tray

  • Pull out the input tray
  • Remove all loose sheets
  • Turn the printer off after removing any bits of paper
  • Stand for 30 seconds before turning the printer power on

A Printer Status Report is printed to test the printing ability

If error persists, service the printer

HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting fax

Resolving faxing issues with 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW Troubleshooting:

Receiving Faxes – but cannot send them

  • Cross-check if the dialed number is correct number and if all its digits are present to access the long distance service
  • Speed Dial computers: Dial manually out of the HP printer by printing a page to fax separately
  • Choose the Tone Dialing or Pulse Dialing option available in the HP fax
  • For faxes sent manually (not from the computer): Check for connectivity between the computer and the printer
  • Under the HP Director Application Click on Status
  • Verify if the physical cable connection between both devices and if the Status is disconnected

Intermittent faxing failures

  • Fax communications generally fail if:
  • The phone cable is too long and is coiled
  • There is a static sound in the phone line
  • Repair the static in the telephone line by calling the service provider – A poor quality phone line is one of the most common causes of an intermittent fax failure
  • Long and coiled cable lines can cause echoes and cross-talks and loss of signal strength – it is recommended to use the original fax cables provided along with your HP product for safety
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HP Officejet Pro X476DW Troubleshooting ePrint

A Print job instruction is sent to the ePrint email address but print output is not received.


  • Ensure that there is network connectivity for the 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW printer

For a Wired Ethernet connection:

  • Check if the cable and the Ethernet port of the printer have a steady green link light and orange activity light indicating that the cable is connected

For a Wireless Network connection:

  • Turn on the wireless network – The printer and the computer should both be connected to the same network
  • Enable the web services
  • Troubleshoot the Wireless Network Connection if the web service does not connect
  • The latest firmware version update has to be done
  • Check for error messages on the 123.hp.com/ojproX476DW printer’s control panel

Verify email and print job requirements

  • The To: field must have the single correct email address and no additional addresses
  • The Subject Line must certainly contain some text
  • Only 10 attachments are allowed at a single time
  • A total file size of less than 10 MB can be sent at one time

Optional Check – Print history queue

  • The print job is displayed in the ePrint history
  • Wait for printer to receive the job
  • If an error message is shown, resend the print job after rectification

Non- functionality of ePrint: Troubleshoot network connection and resolve common connection issues

HP Officejet Pro X476DW Printer Settings

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