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123.hp.com/dj3519 – HP Deskjet 3519 Printer Setup

Achieving the First Time Printer Setup

  1. For the first time printer setup, unpack the HP Deskjet 3519 printer setup (123.hp.com/setup) out of its packaging
  2. Check the package list and if you have received all items in the list
  3. You also have to remove the tape around the scanner by raising its lid
  4. During unpacking also remove the tape from the cleanout area and ink cartridge access area
  5. Remove the ink cartridges and replace them
  6. Extend the paper tray door and push it forward – after removing the tape
  7. Plug printer into a power source
  8. Turn it on
  9. Set Preferences
  10. Configure the HP Deskjet 3519 printer setup
    • On the printer’s control panel: Press the down arrow
    • Select the language
    • Again press the down arrow to Set Country/Region
    • Press Ok
  11. To load the paper:
    • Pull out the paper tray and the extender
    • Adjust the slider width guides to their outermost positions
    • Load the paper and align it
    • Push the paper tray forward till it clicks into place
  12. To load ink cartridges:
    • Raise the cartridge access door and lock into place
    • The carriage slides into accessible position
    • Let the carriage be idle and silent for sometime
    • Then, continue to the HP Deskjet 3519 printer setup
    • Remove the ink cartridges out of their packaging
    • Lift the ink cartridge slot
    • Press both the cartridges into their places – till you hear a snap
    • Close the lid
  13. The control panel also displays instructions to align the cartridges for user convenience
  14. The printer automatically recognizes the ink cartridges and their alignment patterns
  15. Accordingly, an alignment page is printed
HP Deskjet 3519

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HP Deskjet 3519 Cloud Print

An exclusive and free service, the free Google Cloud Print prints documents from any network-enabled device to your HP Deskjet 3519 printer

No additional requirements of any software or driver downloads are perceived

Mobilizing Cloud Print:

  • Running Cloud print requires only standard browsers such as Chrome, OS X v10.7, Linux, Windows XP or newer are standard browsers
  • Google Cloud Print – compatible operating systems are always recommended
  • Generate an account in Google
  • The printer and associated device should be activated on the same network
  • Turn on the HP Deskjet 3519 printer
  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Click open the Settings Window
  • Sign in to the Google account
  • Click open the Settings Window
  • Select option Show Advanced Settings
  • Under the Manage menu click on Google Cloud Print

Registration of the 123.hp.com/dj3519 printer:

  • Select New devices
  • Look for printer listing

Choose Manage if printer is already listed under My devices

Allowing Printing:

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Sign in to the appropriate Google account
  • Click on Google Cloud Print Jobs
  • Pick Print and then Upload a file to Print
  • Click on Select a file from my computer
  • Open the document to print
  • Print a page by clicking on print

HP Deskjet 3519 Printer Setup

  • It is essential to complete all hardware setup before continuing with the software installation for printer activation
  • Download the latest version of the software that is always available for our users’ convenience to execute the HP Deskjet 3519 printer setup from our website 123.hp.com/dj3519
  • Also access the latest version of the drivers at http://123hpconnected.comtech365.com/dj3519-Deskjet-3519-driver-download on 123.hp.com/dj3519 – you will be redirected to the download page
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HP Deskjet 3519 Setup Support & Userguide

HP ePrint Setup (123.hp.com/setup)

The free 123.hp.com/dj3519 ePrint service enables printing from any location to your printer

It is a hassle-free service that does not require any drivers or software downloads

Web Printing Services are possible with the help of the unique email address assigned to the printer

Print commands can be sent via email to this unique email address

installation of the 123.hp.com/setup will enable web services and mobile printing

Sign in to – Control user access, view print job status and manage printer queue

123.hp.com/dj3519 ePrint setup :

For setting up ePrint – Connect the computer and the mobile device to a common network

To complete the setup – the HP printer at 123.hp.com/setup should have web services enabled on it

  • Select ePrint – On the printer’s control panel
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • To enable the web services
  • The 123.hp.com/setup provides a series of instructions to be followed
  • Print test page now

Finding the printer’s unique email address:

  • Log in to 123.hp.com/dj3519
  • Select ePrint (button the printer’s control panel)
  • Press the Web Services Settings Menu
  • Choose Display Email Address

Customizing the email address for the 123.hp/setup

  • Go to the printer’s control panel
  • Press ePrint
  • Then select Web Services Settings menu
  • Then,Click on Print Info Page
  • The printed information page consists of the customization instructions and the printer’s code

ePrint can be turned off:

  • In the printer’s control panel, select ePrint
  • Select Web Services Settings menu
  • Choose Off

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Unboxing, Setting Up, and Installing the HP Deskjet 3519 Printer



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AirPrint™ Setup

The 123.hp.com/dj3519 AirPrint™ is a mobile printing solution compatible with Apple iOS and later operating systems.

Also adaptable by the iPod, iPhone and iPad , the devices can wirelessly print to the 123.hp.com/dj3519 printer and any other ePrint-enabled HP printer

Essentials for AirPrint™

Run a compatibility check of AirPrint™ to the HP Deskjet 3519

List of compatible devices:

  • Apple device should be able to use AirPrint™
  • Mac OS X Lion (v1.07)
  • iOS 4.2
  • iPhone® 3GS
  • iPad and iPad Touch® third generation

iOS devices for using AirPrint™ and their compatible applications

  • Mail, photos, PDFs, SAFARI and third-party apps

Apple AirPrint™ compatible apps

  • Click on AirPrint™ Compatible Mobile Apps

Firmware compatible AirPrint™

Check AirPrint™ availability on the Firmware:

  • To find AirPrint™
  • Click on Installed Personalities
  • Choose Options
  • If present, skip and go to Connect the Apple device to the same wireless network as the printer

If AirPrint™ is not identified by the device, just update the Firmware

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