All-In-One Workplace Printer

The Best All-In-One Workplace Printer

The corporate world cannot do without printers. All-in-One printers are exceptionally useful as they are able to perform a variety of tasks and yet are pocket-friendly. While we are not going to realize a paperless office soon, here is a glimpse into what to look for when you are choosing an All-in-One workplace printer.


The multifunction printer should possess appealing versatility and should encompass a range of features besides just printing. It should be able to copy, scan, and if required, fax. Always under relentless pricing pressures, more often, manufacturers in the process of maintaining competitive prices, sacrifice quality of the device. The scan engines and faxing capabilities are usually injured. This could ideally reduce the unit’s cost because you are foregoing other functionalities just for good printing.

Print technology

Of vital consideration in an office environment, the multifunction machine that you purchase should either be an inkjet or a laser. Laser printers come with cost-effective cartridge replacements while inkjet printers typically, on the whole, cost lesser. They come with smaller desktop footprints too. At the same time, laser printers can accommodate a wide variety of print media.

Print quality and resolutions

The quality of output is crucial in any printer. Your multifunctional printing device should be able to produce exceptional black and white outputs. These are generally measured in DPI. Inexpensive inkjets produce low-quality print jobs of around 600 x 600 dpi while affordable or high-range ones produce 1200 x 1200 dpi. There are also printers that give 4800 x 1200 dpi if you require one that does so.

Scan features

Most organizations are dependent on scanning. Digitizing document records are equally important. The printer you purchase should have the ability to scan multiple pages at a single time on a daily basis. You should carefully consider your scanning requirements if you are a company that relies heavily on scanning

Duty cycles

The printer’s duty cycle is indicative of its performance and speed. Every office wants efficiency in their machine so that they can spend more time making good business decisions rather than waiting for printouts. If you are an organization that requires lengthy or short, multiple report outputs frequently, then a slow page performance can be a frustrating experience. If your printer is designed to provide about 2500 pages per month then you might require recurrent cartridge replacements. This also means a shorter service life. Check for duty cycle outputs before you buy an AIO printer.

Other important considerations

In today’s well-connected world, your printer should be able to associate to a network and provide print jobs over the internet. Your device should include an integrated Ethernet interface. Besides, your printer should also be compatible with wireless networking. You must confirm that your multifunction AIO model matches to your network standards.Additionally, you can look for duplex printing, replacement cartridge availability and driver support for your printer.

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