123 HP Printer ePrint Setup

How to do 123 HP Printer ePrint Setup

This article deals about the 123 HP Printer ePrint Setup and the related FAQs. HP always is a step ahead of its competition by giving its users a taste of the latest technology. A feature that proves this is the ePrint which allows users to print documents and images wirelessly from their devices.

Preparatory requirements for the ePrint setup

  • Disconnect all USB cables from the printer
  • Check if your printer supports the ePrint feature (logo, button or icon)
  • If you do not find any logo, button or icon corresponding to the feature, then check with mobile printing solutions compatible with HP printers (123.hp.com/setup)
  • Here, you can see if your printer model is mentioned in the list compatible with ePrint
  • The printer should be connected to the internet through an Ethernet connection or over the Wi-Fi
  • To ensure that your printer connects securely with devices over the internet, you should enable the Web services feature
  • It can be enabled from the printer’s control panel or by using the EMBEDDED WEB SERVER (EWS)

Steps to enable the Web services from an LDC control panel to initiate the 123 HP Printer ePrint Setup:

  1. Select the corresponding button or icon
  2. If you do not find it, go to WEB SERVICES SETUP -> select the NETWORK SETUP option->choose WIRELESS SETTINGS option
  3. Here, select the web services option

Steps to enable the Web services from a manual control panel,

  1. Obtain the printer’s IP address from a self-test page or from the Network Configuration
  2. Open your desired web browser and enter your printer’s IP address
  3. You will be prompted with the website security certificate
  4. Here, you should select the CONTINUE option
  5. If the EWS information page is displayed, it implies that the printer and the computer are connected on the same network
  6. Now, select the WEB SERVICES tab -> CONTINUE -> TURN ON / ENABLE
  7. The instructions that appear on the screen should be followed to enable the Web services

After enabling this feature, obtain your printer’s email address to finish the ePrint setup.Now that setup is complete, we can move on to find how you can print using this feature.

123 HP Printer ePrint Setup and Printing FAQs

  • Enter the printer’s email address in the TO field from whichever application you print
  • The print job gets canceled if you add additional email addresses to this field, instead add them to the CC field
  • It is mandatory to add a subject
  • The size of the email should be 10 MB or lesser and cannot have more than 10 attachments
  • There is no option to print only the attachments leaving out the actual email
  • The ePrint can be used to print from computers and other mobile devices

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